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We have several specialised research laboratories that can be configured to run a range of different experiments. For example, you could transform your laboratory into a small shop, allowing you to understand how different environmental cues influence a customer’s behaviour. Previous work includes the introduction of aromas, manipulation of lighting intensity and variation of shelf-layout. Investigating new ideas in the lab gives us the chance to test and refine interventions, before rolling them out in the retail environment. This iterative process ensures a cost-effective use of resources, and can turn a good idea into a real world success.

As well having two customisable laboratories, we have a permanent computer laboratory. Here we run a range of experiments ranging from computer based eye-tracking studies to the more traditional psychological experiments. These can help us understand customers’ implicit brand attitudes, impulsivity, and decision-making processes. If you would like a research consultation to see your ideas put into practice, please get in touch.