Portable Eye-tracking equipment

Eye Tracking

When shopping, consumers are constantly bombarded with a huge amount of visual information. Consequently it can be hard for a company to understand exactly what is capturing their customers’ attention. Are they looking at the brand name, trying to find the product’s price, or just trying to work out what the product actually is? In order to help you answer some of these questions, we have the latest Tobii eye-tracking glasses that allow us to objectively measure exactly where customers are looking in any real world setting.

Excitingly, participants can wear the glasses as they walk around a supermarket, talk to salespeople in a department store or even watch adverts in a cinema. Over the years we’ve used these glasses to answer questions including; How do shoppers browse and navigate around a supermarket and how important is price when making a purchase? What aspect of a product’s packaging captures a customer’s attention? and Are consumers looking at the words on the product packaging or just the images?

As well as mobile eye-tracking glasses, we also have a range of computer-based glasses that are specifically designed to explore how consumers navigate websites. By analysing where customers look as they view a webpage, we can help you understand what aspects of your site are working, where should you position images and whether customers are actually reading the information on your page.