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Like fMRI, EEG also measures brain activity, but examines electrical transmission instead of blood flow. Whenever any neurons fire, they produce very small electrical currents, which an EEG scanner can detect and amplify via the use of a special headset. In the last ten years, EEG has rapidly increased in popularity. Academically validated research has shown that EEG is capable of predicting which adverts are likely to be the most successful, based on the amount of cortical activity participants experience. Unfortunately, most of the companies that run EEG projects use very basic consumer EEG units, often with less than 16 electrodes. This produces exceptionally noisy data, which is imprecise and inaccurate. Our EEG labs have up to 256 electrodes, overseen by researchers experienced in the development of custom algorithms to examine data. If you’re interested in seeing how EEG can work for you, get in touch.