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Behavioural Economics for Marketing

Understanding how consumers feel about a purchase decision is at the heart of most consumer research. Consumers may not admit how they are feeling, but their body will give away clues. To help track these changes we have a number of devices that can measure physiological changes in customers as they view marketing material. Rather than asking customers what they think, our BIOPACs measure changes in customers’ blood pressure, facial reactions and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). These metrics allow us to accurately measure how (or excited) consumers are. For example, if we are hot, we sweat apocrine, helping us to cool down. But if we are excited or aroused, our skin produces ecrine, which a GSR device can accurately detect. A recent review in the Journal of Advertising Research has shown that these physiological measures are far more accurate at measuring lower order emotions than any available self-report measures.