Dr Gareth J Harvey

Gareth Harvey

Lecturer in Consumer Psychology

Dr Gareth J. Harvey is a Chartered Psychologist, Consumer Psychologist and Director of the Laboratory of Consumer Psychology at Bangor University.

After initially completing both an undergraduate and masters degree in business, Gareth decided that the traditional paradigms used to explain consumer behaviour failed to consider the psychology that drives consumer behaviour. In order to find some answers, he decided to undertake a PhD specialising in Consumer Psychology. Over the next three years, he studied a diverse range of research areas including learning, attention, and decision-making, and sought to see how these theories could be applied to improve business performance. He now specializes in researching the impact of environmental cues on consumers’ shopping behaviour.  This involves developing a mixture of both laboratory and field experiments that quantify how changes to the shopping environment, (e.g. lighting, music, aromas etc.) influence the way we shop and behave.

As well as his academic interests Gareth also works as a practicing consumer psychologist, and is a fully registered member of the Society for Consumer Psychology. He currently works as the Scientific Advisor for Shopping Behaviour Xplained (SBXL), one of the leading shopping research agencies in the UK. SBXL specialise in using a range of research techniques to understand how consumers behave in store, including: eye-tracking, film-based shopper research and unaccompanied shops. Rather than just describing consumer behaviour, SBXL use psychological principles to develop novel interventions to influence consumer behaviour. As scientific advisor, Gareth’s role involves reviewing the latest psychological research, and using this information to develop new marketing techniques that SBXL can implement for their clients. These include: Apple, Asda, Pespsico, Uniliever, P&G, Tesco and many more.

At Bangor University, Gareth is the Co-Director for the Laboratory of Advanced Marketing Psychology; a commercial research group. Over the last five years Gareth has run a range of bespoke research projects for a diverse range of clients including: Kraft, Aldi, Tesco, Unilever, LateRooms and Mondelez to name a few. These research projects have explored topics as diverse as evaluating store layout, measuring consumers’ implicit brand attitude and copy testing adverts. If you’re interested in working with Gareth please feel free to drop him an e-mail to discuss your project in further details.

Gareth is currently the Module Organiser for a number of third year and masters level modules exploring both consumer and organisational psychology. At third year level this includes: Consumer & Applied Psychology and at masters level Gareth is Module Organiser for Applied Consumer Psychology. This is a unique module that offers students the chance to work under the supervision of a professional consumer psychologist; students will manage and tackle a genuine research brief provided by a business. In previous years students have worked on projects for companies including; Tesco, Unilever, and Cadburys, and have explored topics such as: testing and developing new product packaging, developing new advertising campaigns, and redesigning brands websites.

In his first year of teaching Gareth was nominated for ‘Best New Lecturer’ in the Bangor University Student Teaching Awards and was shortlisted for the best lecturer award at Glyndŵr University for three consecutive years.