Introduction to Consumer Psychology

If you work in marketing but have never studied psychology before, this course is for you. Over the course of two days we will introduce you to the exciting world of Consumer Psychology, exploring the psychological underpinnings of consumer behaviour. The course draws on the latest academic research from a range of different disciplines to answer questions such as why do we pay attention to some adverts but not others? How do consumers decide which products to buy? And how can marketers measure consumers attitudes without asking them?



This course will provide you with an introduction to the key theories that underpin modern Consumer Psychology. However, rather than just focusing on theory we will be exploring how this theoretical knowledge can be applied in practice to make your marketing efforts more effective. Over the course of the two days we will cover:

  • The latest developments from both Consumer Psychology and Behavioural Economics examining consumer behaviour.
  • The most commonly used heuristics (mental rules of thumb) customers use when shopping and how this should influence your marketing activities.
  • How a range of irrational factors influence consumers’ behaviour.
  • How psychological research techniques can be applied to tackle marketing research questions.
  • How you can use developments from behavioural science to create your own marketing interventions.

Key areas covered will include: The Science of Decision Making, Attitudes, Motivation, Personality, Learning and Memory, with a concluding discussion on the Psychology of Branding and an exploration of how a Consumer Psychologist would approach a research problem with the tools they have available.

However, while here, delegates will have the opportunity to tour the resources available at the Laboratory of Consumer Psychology including our state of the art neuro-imagining suite, EEG laboratories and dedicated Consumer Psychology laboratories.

This course is taught at Bangor University, North Wales by Dr. Caroline Bowman, Senior Lecturer in Consumer Psychology and Dr. Gareth J. Harvey, Lecturer in Consumer Psychology. This course will include a mixture of lectures, practical demonstrations, case studies and practical activities.

Teaching at Bangor has been award a Gold rating, the highest rating possible, in the latest Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) assessment and the National Student Survey (NSS) placed Bangor amongst the UK’s top 10 universities (excluding specialist institutions) for student satisfaction. Not only this but 89% of our research output is classed as either world leading or internationally excellent.

This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning more about Consumer Psychology but who has never formally studied it before. If you’re a researcher, strategist or brand planner, and you would like to develop a better understanding of consumer behaviour and the factors that influence it, this course is for you. However, to get the most out of the course it is assumed that you are currently working in a marketing-based role as the course will include a number of activities and discussion activities.


A mixture of demonstrations, case studies and practical activities.

Topics Covered

The science of decision making, attitudes, motivation, personality, learning and memory.


Anyone who works in marketing but has never studied Psychology.


Jan 2019


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