Bespoke Experiments


If you’re unsure about how your consumers will react to a new marketing initiative, whether it be an advert, packaging or even just a price change, we can explore their reaction, before you decide to invest. As qualified psychologists, we spend most of our time developing experiments to explain behaviour, so rather than just describing how consumers will react to your new initiative, we’re also best placed to explain why. Over the years we’ve investigated:


• Why consumers seem to trust some websites more than others. For example, we have shown that photos of smiling men make people immediately distrust a website.

• The impact of advertisements on websites and in search-engine results pages. For example, we have shown that the “match-up” between website content and pop-up content is critical in making ads more effective.

• How brands impact decision-making. For example, we’ve discovered that “brand loyalty” can reduce a person’s decision-making skills to levels below those scored by people with brain damage.

• How the brain responds to different “special offers” (2-for-1, half-off, 3-for-2, etc). Initially, consumers attempt to process these offers rationally but very quickly get overwhelmed and end up relying on their gut instinct to work out what provides the best value.


To read more about some of the experiments we’ve developed for clients, have a look at our case studies and get in touch if you’d like to discuss more.