For the last ten years, Bangor University has enjoyed a reputation as one of the UK’s leading centres for Consumer Psychology. Our research unit brings together a diverse team of academic experts, who are also equipped with applied experience. This offers a perfect fusion of academic insight and commercial understanding, to explain how customers think, feel and act, providing comprehensive answers to your research questions. To find out more, take a look at our services.


Literature Reviews

If you’ve heard about a new psychological concept but you’re not really sure what it is, how it works, or what it means for you, get up to speed by using our bespoke literature review service.

Head Examination

Bespoke Experiments

If you’re unsure about how your consumers will react to your new marketing initiative, weather it be an advert, packaging or even just a price change, we can explore their reaction, before you decide to invest.

Student Reading


If you’re looking to improve your marketing why not get in touch? Over the years we’ve helped develop new products, explained how consumers will react to new adverts, and even designed new supermarket layouts.


Training Days

Over the years we’ve delivered keynote speeches and guest talks at conferences and corporate training days across the globe.  We aren’t just passionate about the science, but we also know how to make it exciting and accessible for an audience without a psychological background.

Eye Tracking

Free Research

Understanding how your consumers behave is essential for any business, but it can be an expensive and time-consuming process. In order to help you find the answers, the Laboratory of Consumer Psychology offers a free and bespoke research service, available to businesses of all sizes.


Conference with a Twist!

If you’re looking for an unusual conference venue, why not try Bangor University? As well as hosting world-class conference facilities,  you can tour our neuromarketing and eye-tracking laboratories and our researchers can provide keynote talks on all areas of Consumer Psychology.