Case Studies

Our renowned research team works with businesses of all types to help investigate their research questions. These examples of our work demonstrate the different approaches we can take working with you to help solve business challenges.

I Want it Now: Shopping, Brains & Special Offers

Have you ever visited a supermarket and been overwhelmed by the number of special offers? Whether it’s ‘Buy One Get One Free’, ‘20% off’, or even ‘Two for Three pounds’, it’s estimated that around a quarter of all products on

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: A changing Room Revolution

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: A Changing Room Revolution

For nearly five decades, the process of shopping for clothes in store hasn’t really changed. Spot some items you like the look of, try them on, and buy the perfect fit. Although a traditional part of the consumer experience, this can be an boring task for shoppers, needs a changing room which takes up valuable floor space, and can pose a security risk for retail outlets.

List or Lost: Shopping lists and navigation

Whether it’s on our phones, in a notebook or just on the back of an old receipt, most of us write a list before a big supermarket shop. Yet, despite being a core feature of the consumer decision-making process, researchers are still uncertain about how these lists change the way we shop.

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